Roguelight Review


Roguelight is being developed by Daniel Linssen, with Jonathon Tree working on sound.

There is a story, but it is not revealed right-away. It is given via context clues.


Roguelight has a very simple control scheme, whether you use a XBOX360 controller or just the standard keyboard controls.
By simple, I mean that you have one button to fire an arrow, one to jump, and the Left Analog Stick/Arrow Keys to move/look.
The atmosphere and mechanics blend perfectly, giving you a sense of fear everytime you advance into the darkness.
There are only a few types of enemies, but they can be tough.
The Skeleton with Wings(yes,wings) tends to wander until it finds you, then it will chase you for a second.
The Hooded enemies simply move back and forth on a platform, and if given the right situation, they can drain your health.
The Lanterns, when shot, drop coins and start giving off light permanently. The Skulls also drop coins when shot.
There are plenty of hearts, arrows, and coins scattered throughout the beginning, but occur less often the deeper you are.
Coins can be used after death to upgrade your character. This may include more health, brighter arrows, and jump height increases.


The graphics take a page from the Game Boy and add a few more colors to it.
Everything is very smooth (while retaining 8-bit style graphics) and seem very well done.


The sound also takes a page from the Game Boy, using only a few channels.
There are some points where it can be quiet, but each section of the game has their own music.
The sounds are as close to reality as 8-bit can get. Everything sounds as if you were actually making the sounds.


  • Health is more important than arrows, but arrows need to be kept in mind.
  • Get Wil-O-The-Wisp. It’s amazing.
  • Watch your step and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Use Lanterns often.
  • Try your best to restock before you go to the next level.


The game has a great atmosphere, making you choose carefully what your next step may be.
This game is highly recommended for people who like challenging platforming and simple controls.
I don’t recommend it for people looking for great graphics/sound, constant replay, or the idea of being equal to the enemy.
You can download the game here, or you can wait until the Indie Mixtape comes out from Curve Digital at the price of $9.99 .